Paralympics 2020 Support

Henry J Lyons/Starskycycling club are proud fundraisers and sponsors of Irish Paracyclists at Tokyo 2020 Paralympics. A number of actions are taken to raise funds for our national heroes: each €5 raffle ticket (for a custom made Specialized carbon bike with Gran Fondo paintjob, Ultegra 8000 group set and carbon wheels), each €1 raffle ticket (for 1 of 3 Mavic Cosmic Pro wheel sets) and a percentage of the clothing/accessory sales on the day will proceed towards the Paracyclists.

What’s more, the Irish Paracycling team will cycle the route with our club in the next few weeks, footage of which will be published online on Starskycycling website and Facebook page. It takes serious courage to attack this route in winter-time but we are in no doubt that these athletes can do anything. We’re really impressed and will do all in our power to support their attitude and talent.

Join us on 27th June 2020. Challenge yourself & have fun. Help the Irish team – they may bring gold home, thanks to your support.

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