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Gran Fondo Wicklow.

However, the best reason of all is the opportunity to connect with other riders. The start of completly new version of the classic cycling for amateurs. With two routes, you are sure to find a route for you.


Come and Join us.

Gran Fondo

Gran Fondo is the ultimate cycling adventure for endurance athletes interested in a unique pro-like experience. This Route is feature unique 120km course.

Medio Fondo 86km is for all cyclists that are looking for unique cycling event that provides its participants with a unique peloton experience.        

The Starsky Cycling Club Passion.

Gran Fondo & Medio Fondo each race will feature a unique course, with safe and well-marked roads, held at beautiful Wicklow Mountains. Its supported by well know club Starsky Cycling with their amazing efforts in organizing races across Leinster county in Ireland. In 2021 they were proud hosts of Leinster Championships which was an achievement for the club. Their endeavours took them to organize an event more prestige which is Gran Fondo Wicklow.

“We really want to bring people of all levels to Gran Fondo Wicklow, and we are prepared to put all the efforts to do so in Gran Fonda Wicklow 2022. We are building something that will last many years to come, I know many people in Ireland feel the same passion to cycling as me and will support our efforts. I hope to meet you at Gran Fondo Wicklow” Kazik Jankowski, Starsky Cycling Club.

Our goals

Share the joy of Cycling

To encourage people to move around on bicycles. It aims to make a positive impact by inspiring all those who can to bring cycling into their lives…

Our goals

Create exceptional opportunities

Lets bring cycling community together to the Gran Fondo 2022. It’s a great opportunity to cycle among the most experience cyclists in one peloton.

Our goals

Test yourself like a pro

Gran Fondo Wicklow will test you in the best way, we will provide detail timing of your lap, and you will be able to see how others did.

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