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Medio Fondo Wicklow

Event Details

Medio Fondo targeted for the strongest amateurs out there. 86 km in Wicklow Mountains is said to be one of the toughest you will experience, but we guarantee you another level of a challenge with our Gran Fondo. Medio Fondo offers you a great ride around Wicklow Mountains with a big bunch of other riders. Your cycle will be timed, and all results will be published on our website. Test of your skill, power and endurance.

Timing system

Test yourself like a pro


Gran Fondo Wicklow will test you in the best way, we will provide detail timing of your lap.

Share the joy of Cycling

See how fast can you go!


Lets bring cycling community together to the Gran Fondo 2022. It’s a great opportunity to cycle among the most experienced cyclists

Family day out



Entertainment (music), food & drink provided, it’ll be a grand day out for the supporters and families of the participants

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